Amici Cannis Foundation

The Amici Cannis (Friends of the Dog) Foundation is pleased to announce the granting of full legal status, according to Ecuadorian and International Treaty Law ( Acuerdo No. 129-MIES- I/2011) of the equivalent of a 501c(3), non-profit corporation, complete with RUC/Tax I.D. number for tax-deductible donations.

After 1 ½ years of laying the legal, logistical and practical groundwork, The Foundation is now poised to begin preliminary operations. Getting born was a lengthy process because it was done correctly in all aspects and will prove worthwhile in the future to have constructed the foundation slowly-but- correctly.

Our ‘mission’ is to rescue, heal, rehabilitate and adopt-out as many as possible of the countless dogs on the streets of the city and canton of Cotacachi. In addition, we hope to ‘ raise the consciousness ’ of our local neighbors in this county regarding the treatment, propagation and maintenance of ‘ man’s best friend ’.

The Foundation’s first grant and financial asset has been an anonymous and very generous donation of approximately 10 acres of land, located 15 minutes from the heart of Cotacachi. There, The Foundation will construct a shelter consisting of kennels, dog runs, a medical / veterinary facility and a canine rehab training center.

The Foundation’s second gift is a substantial cash donation from the newly-appointed Ambassador from Ecuador to El Salvador, His Excellency Segundo Anrango, the brother of His Honor, Mayor Anrango, of Cotacachi.

While waiting for the legal status of the Foundation to be completed, Directors and friends of The Foundation have been preliminarily ( and at their own expense, combined with small donations) rescuing, treating, neutering and adopting-out approximately 20 dogs to-date.

The Foundation’s initial Board of Directors is comprised of the following members, listed in alphabetical order: Maria del Carmen Romero Anda; Pablo Arpi ( Secretary); Maria Jose Burbano ( Treasurer); Peggy and Lee Carper (Honorary Board Members); Michael d’Addio ( Founding President); Andres Jara Dominguez; Marco Antonio Proano; Rick Serafino (Honorary Board Member and Chief of Public Relations); Jennifer Phillips Rios.

Best wishes,
Michael d’Addio, President
Amici Cannis Foundation (Fundacion 062011)
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  1. This is very exciting news! I will be traveling to Ibarra,Ecuador in March 2012 with the World Vet’s.I may have to visit Cotacachi, as it is about 30 minutes away from Ibarra.It is good to see so many worthwhile projects like this in South and Central America.Well done !!
    Thanks Patrice for sharing this with everyone 🙂

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