WiFi Hot Spots – Traveling Locations

When we travel we use the Internet A LOT! Sometimes it can be very frustrating to find a place quickly and even if you ask someone they don’t always know. We have found good WiFi even when people have told us there was none available.

The purpose here is to keep an updated list as best we can of where you can find WiFi. As people send us other information about places we will try to keep this updated also.

Alaska – Traveling on a Cruise ship in most ports, at least in Southeast Alaska Seaport Cyber has been good for us. Most times you can use it directly from the ship with pretty good quality and it isn’t that expensive to use. They usually have office locations in the ports also.

Columbia, Santa Marta – Santa Marta Digital – Look for access on your PC by that name, it is free WiFi

Costa Rica, Puerto de Caldera – Wellcome SPC – Look for access on your PC by that name, it is free WiFi
Costa Rica, Puerto Limon – On shore there are many locations close to the port docks. Look for signs.

Mexico, Cozumel – End of Pier, Three Amigos, sometimes they charge but not always, so check. They like to play LOUD MUSIC so be aware of that.

Panama, Panama City – Just off dock at Alberto’s, buy a drink and it is free.

Roatan, Mahogany Bay – Look for the Red Roof, Crazy Ice Gelato. Buy something and they will give you the password


Denmark, Torshavn(Faroe Islands) – Library free, Bar/Coffee shop free

Iceland, Reykjavik – unknown
Iceland, Isafjordur – Everywhere

Norway, Bergen – Burger King (coffee, Fish Market Bar free
Norway, Flam – NONE
Norway, Kristiansand – Library free

Boarding Pass

China – Airplane Boarding Verification

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

Let me set the stage for the above picture. You are boarding an aircraft for a flight in China. They have given you the boarding pass and in the picture you can see a portion of it in the background. What they did In this case was give you that yellow card as you walked out of the building toward the plane. When you arrived at the steps up to the plane there was a Chinese military looking guy checking your boarding pass and taking the “Boarding Verification Card” from you before letting you board the plane.

You are thinking cool, good idea someone could have forged a boarding pass and walked on the plane, but not with the card right? Now look at what the first part of what is in parentheses says. Let me quote it for you so you don’t have to strain your eyes, what a guy huh. Ok this is what it says, “Showed together with the boarding pass”. I am ok with that because that is exactly what we did and then they took it from us. They didn’t let us get to know that little yellow card, but maybe that is ok too. We might not wanted to part with the little fella if we had gotten attached to it. So to speak that is. Ok let’s get back to the yellow card.

Let me quote the last part of what it says, “and retrieved under the aircraft”. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that we got them under the aircraft? Because if it does, that clearly did not happen, we got them both when we left the building. What do you think the meaning is?

Could there be a secret meaning to the words on the card; something like playing a recording backwards? Or, and this is the most insidious of all, is this a diabolical plot with communistic intentions, intent on taking over the world, and starting with this little yellow card? Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you. I didn’t think so. You be the judge, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Quito – Our first nite in Ecuador

A picture of one of the courtyards at the hotel we stayed in once we arrived. This hotel was truly amazing … two story room living room and bathroom upstairs, desk bedroom downstairs – such a wonderful night! (oh and a deal as well what else when you travel with us?)

Ecuador here we come ….

Dave here – your roving on the spot reporter giving you the first quick report from Ecuador…
Flight was great – but how bad can it be in First Class… Hope we get it on the way back – that would be perfect.
Landed last night and went directly to the hotel, BEAUTIFUL HOTEL too. The people that work in the Hotel all wear South American Colonial uniforms from perhaps 1900 type. The room we had was fabulous. We had an upstairs bathroom with like a living room with TV upstairs too. The main floor is where the bedroom was and TV and the usual stuff.
We are sitting in the hotel courtyard having breakfast as I type this. It is kind of nice with the sun shining and music playing while we eat. Our driver should be here in about an hour and then we will take a 1.5 hour drive up to Cotacachi where we will be staying. It should be a scenic drive up there that is why we wanted to wait until the day time to go up there.
We are at about 9,200 ft and we can tell it when we,(or at least I can, being the designated pack mule), move luggage around or walk fast. Cotacachi is only about 8,000 ft – so I am looking forward to that. Yeah like that is going to make a big difference.
Stay tuned… there might be another report with pictures