Casa 4.25.14

More details everyday. We were so excited to see our window frames being installed almost two weeks early! The company is super and run by a wonderful young man. He is also doing all of our exterior and interior doors. Can’t wait to see those!

These hands built this house

Our day started slowly and then an idea happened – this is my laundry room wall – I plan to have written above it in Kichwa ~ English ~ Spanish

Kay makikunami kay wasyta rurarka ~ These hands built this house ~ Estas manos construyeron esta casa

Yes its hands, all our crew including our architect Ramiro, Maestros Rolando, Roberto, ours and our friends – WOW this makes me cry! So truly blessed (can hardly wait to move in)!

Pink Floyd has nothing on us! This is a quick movie about the making of all the hands that helped build our almost finished house. It is on permanent display on “the wall” in a room in our house. Today was a Minga (work party, with more on the party part) to paint the house. What a wonderful day we had together. The man you see directing most of this in the white shirt is our Architect, Ramiro Rangles. Everyone there, including the people working on the house has hand prints on that wall now.

Casa 4.18.14

Some Inside Furnishings

So we left our pub table and chairs in Seattle when we sold. I was very sad as Dad has spent some serious time helping me to get the seats to be comfortable – he had a wonderful idea like always to fix them. Little did I know that not only would I not have my table and chairs but we would lose dad as well. So I took this photo into our carpenter – and look what he did (not yet upholstered) for our breakfast room. Also a few shots of our murphy beds/office desks.

Casa 4.11.14

Casa 3.13.14