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More progress on the house

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Casa 12.31.2013

Minga – Husay Cumbay 12.20.13

A great day for a Minga.

Our Invitation to the Minga Huasy Cumbay!!!

When: December 20, 2013 ~ 9:30am

Where: San Miguel Lot #12, Cotacachi, Ecuador

What: If you thought the Mudapalooza (Minga ~ Alpa Raymi) was the event of the year…You haven’t seen this year’s gala event, , the Huasy Cumbay!!! It is the traditional way to test the roof of a new house. What is going to happen is, there will be swings attached to the roof on the inside of the house with a fire under the swing. If it is a strong roof you won’t get burned by the fire as you swing over it.

There will be some music, dancing, wine, pizza, and a lot of laughs; so come on down!! Rumor has it, on good authority though, is that the wine bottles will be used to make one of the windows in this new house. You can be part of history once more, how is that possible you might be thinking. Well, glad you asked…You will be able to say that you drank the wine out of the bottles that made the window. It is something you can tell the grandkids about, now how many people can say that. The answer is only those that attend can, so see this is a very exclusive club you will be in.

But wait there is more… If you have any interesting or unusual colored bottles you want to donate…Please bring them with you.