Postcards from Siem Riep, Cambodia

Postcards from Vietnam

Halong Bay Sunset

Vietnam – Halong Bay

I know another tiny picture – but it is a Panorama. Look at it do you think you could get a sense for this place with a regular shot? I don’t think so.

After climbing up to “Tippy Top” I felt like Mount Everest would be a cake walk. There were many that turned back, to faint hearted to make the climb to the top. But fear not, this roving reporter will go to great lengths to let you know what is going on and what is worth the effort.

Even with a panorama shot this place really isn’t shown like it should be. What a pretty place it is to see.

Yes the elements were endured to stay up on top to give you a view of the sunset. I think it was worth it too.

Enuf said 🙂

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Postcards from Non Sung, Thailand 2010