On that day – we offered space on line for a tribute site. Pictures came in from all over the world.

Someone asked, we simply helped – we never knew who the person was and have not been able to locate them since

The pictures are a reminder of the how the world stopped that day – we will never forget

4th of July Fireworks

This was put together on the 4th and is our view of the fireworks of the town of Orting below us in the valley. You can see Mt Rainier in the background on some parts of it

Postcards from Los Barilles, Mexico

Postcards from Vancouver, BC 2010

Yes we are on the road again. Right now we are on the first leg leading up to the main event. We arrived late yesterday afternoon at the apartment a friend lent us for a few days. We are in the West End of Vancouver not far from the water and up high in a high-rise apartment building. Last night happened to be the finals in a fireworks competition. We had a perfect view of the event. After the bulk of the crowd arrived to see the event – it rained. Enough rain to get everyone nice and wet, and then moved on. It sure was nice to be inside a building watching from above.:D

It was the Chinese for the final show in the Festival of Fire. Many countries come to compete in this event. What they do is shoot fireworks off to music that is played at the event and also broadcast on the radio. IT WAS AMAZING. Pictures do not do it justice. They can’t show you how right on they are to the music. As the music softens so does the fireworks. When the music builds; you guessed it, so do the fireworks.

You can see what an amazing view we had of the event. We were told that about 500,000 people came to watch the event. What a great way to start a trip.

Grand Hotel

Postcards from Alaska – Fur Rondy 75th

This picture is of the hotel we are staying in – with a kitchen of course. We are the floor above the red awning and the middle cluster of windows.

Postscards from Seattle, WA – Eagles in Concert 2010

It seems to be a long time coming – the concert that is. We had tickets for the 13th and well it didn’t happen. They rescheduled for the 26th so we headed downtown once again. Lucky us we for sure had a fabulous time, they played for ever it seemed and we were upgraded to the first row!!! Ok now this would not have happened if I hadn’t had my hip replaced and attended in a wheel chair – and when they asked if we would move from row 25 to row 1 we said sure why not?

Nice evening we stayed downtown and walked (ok wheeled LOL) to Key Arena.