Mt Rainier

Sunrise and Dad’s status

To begin with, this was sunrise this morning. Sure is nice to have that first cup of coffee and watch the sun rise and see how the mountain changes. But I have been remiss about making a post regarding my Dad. For those that know what happened.

The court date was 1/24 and Dad and many friends showed up at court along with the Attorney for the other side. But not the two German guys that did the beating. The Judge was not happy that they didn’t show up and scolded their Attorney. So things are not settled at all. New court date is 6/30 now.

Will keep you posted.

Doobie Brothers on Stage

Postcards from Seattle – Doobie Brothers 2010

We saw these guys in Redmond one evening. Great show and it was a sea of grey hairs at the outdoor theater. There was a very distinctive odor in the air too, even when it rained a little. Hmmm we wondered what that could be, the odor that is.

They played and sounded just like you remember. They even played some of their new stuff, from a CD coming out very soon, and it sounded like the old stuff too. It was great.

All in all a great evening, as you can tell we were pretty close to thees guys too.