Beautiful Tierra Firme lot for sale in Cotacachi, Ecuador

We have 1 lot left for sale (ours, the one we had planned to build on), if you know anyone who is interested. You can email us for more details or to view.

Tierra Firma is located about a mile outside Cotacachi on the road to the Pan Americana Highway. It is tucked away off the road and entered by way of a winding driveway, through rolling green pastures and past a tranquil pond with stone water fall feature. The views from all of the lots are simply stunning. Tierra Firme has 23 lots in total and is considered the premier development in the Cotacachi/Otavalo area.

You enter this development through a winding road with many trees, walking paths, green spaces, beautiful views of the dormant volcanoes and the Andes Mountains. Tierra Firme is located in a gated community and offers privacy, security and beauty.

Lot #17 price $46,000

All utilities are underground.
Homes must be built with a Spanish motif
Average cost to build is $550 to $570 per square meter Architect service is available with most builders
Example: A 1,600 square foot home at $570 per square meter would cost $85,000 plus the lot.

GWV Photos …

Sand Boarding in Peru

We took an opportunity with a couple of friends while in Peru, to go Sand Boarding at a little Oasis called Huacachina. It was the first time for all of us to try this sport out. All of us were glad we did. We had Ace along, you can see him here at that lake in Haucachina checking out the mermaid.


Now to go Sand boarding it isn’t like just going on top of hill and sliding down it. You drive out in the sand dunes and find a nice hill, board down and of course when you get to the bottom of the hill your driver comes down and picks you up for the next run. This was our vehicle for this little adventure.


Look at this next picture to get an idea of where we were doing this at.


The sand here is very fine and reminds me of the Sahara sands. After a bit of instructions we started boarding down the slopes


After a long day riding around the dunes and sand boarding we headed back to the oasis…


It is a tough life sand boarding the dunes of Peru…but we would do it again in a minute 🙂


Everyone loves a Parade

Today marked Cotacachi’s 151st birthday! There were people in the parade from all over – as far away as Intag (great coffee from there btw).
And a parade it was – this morning for over two hours

Dave & I stood and watched it go past us – the children are the cutest!!

Even a version of the RCMP – sort of

640 days on the market – finally sold

Selling is maybe an understatement – we gave the house away but it was time for us to move on.

Tierra Firme, Ecuador