Doobie Brothers on Stage

Postcards from Seattle – Doobie Brothers 2010

We saw these guys in Redmond one evening. Great show and it was a sea of grey hairs at the outdoor theater. There was a very distinctive odor in the air too, even when it rained a little. Hmmm we wondered what that could be, the odor that is.

They played and sounded just like you remember. They even played some of their new stuff, from a CD coming out very soon, and it sounded like the old stuff too. It was great.

All in all a great evening, as you can tell we were pretty close to thees guys too.

Postcards from Ireland 2009

Postcards from Cotacachi, Ecuador – Christmas 2009

Expats give back

Today – was in a word an amazing day. A Christmas visit to 4 different villages – a truly wonderful experience! Children sang, danced and waited so patiently for their bag of animal crackers/treats (we gave away over 900 of them).

We even had a Santa Claus (Popa Noel). So much joy in their eyes and faces – its hard to explain.

Just a fabulous day here in Ecuador – glad we had the chance to be part of it.