Dublin Resturant Review – La Cuvee

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Like Patrice said in the main part of the blog. We had a rocky start getting to the restaurant – to no fault of the restaurant. We just had bad directions and then a huge rain storm to deal with. But we are tough Seattle rain people with web feet and made our way through it all with ease.

Once at the restaurant we were greeted warmly and taken to the Eno wine bar. We get a 20 Euro card that fits into a machine that has about 20 bottles of wine and hit the button and it gives you the wine you want to taste. There are I think 3 of these machines there and they must have 300 wines in the store at least. I am sure I understated the number of wines. While there we met a couple of guys, Irish lads (Ronan & Colm), doing the same thing as we were, tasting wine. It didn’t take long before we were sharing about wine and tasting what each other thought was great. It would be a great place to have a wine tasting party we all thought.

After tasting so many great wines we went upstairs to the restaurant and had our dinner. The plating was excellent, the food was amazing and the staff was so good that they made it a perfect evening. We did not ask or want for anything. They were either right there or had just taken care of what we wanted before we asked.

Bottom line is we would HIGHLY recommend taking a visit and enjoying a meal when you are in Dublin.
The only downside is we stayed much later than we thought we would and as a result slept in a bit later than we normally do. But we will take that downside any time. Now if we lived closer and could enjoy them more often and perhaps throw a couple of parties in the wine store it would be great!

Dublin Restaurant Review – Darwins

Link: Darwins

Ahh, what can I say about tonight’s dinner and the restaurant. We both still have smiles on our faces…Let me try a summary – the staff, every one of them, work like a well-oiled machine. Every member of the staff waited on any one that needed it, including the Manager. The food, the highest quality and well plated and served. The facility is well-appointed and clean but not extravagant, just nice. Now wouldn’t you want to eat in an establishment like that? Well yeah! Let us go on a bit more.

A couple of things we like and take note of in restaurants is the size of the menu and the size of the wine list. To us these are a sign of focusing on what you do well and do right, or, that the restaurant doesn’t have a clue what they are about and are looking at quantity and not quality. In both cases this menu and wine list were a pleasure. They specialize in steaks with a little other variety so that everyone should find something pleasing but not so much that you can get lost figuring out what you want. The menu, we think, was no more than four pages. The first page of the menu explains some about them and about the meat. You can’t ask for better than dry aged beef for 21 days. The wine list is similar, a good selection of white, red, sparkling, etc., but just a few pages. The staff also is well versed in making excellent recommendations if, as in our case, they were out of what we ordered.

They put recipes up on their site occasionally too – that is worth a look also.

Downside; this is a very busy restaurant it is best to have reservations. You might be able to walk in, if you are lucky, and not have a long wait, but I wouldn’t count on it. It is worth the wait though if you can get in. The other downside is we live to far away to enjoy it often.

Irish Liqueur – Boozeberries

Link: Boozeberries

When at Darwins in Dublin we had an after dinner drink. I ordered mine and as soon as I tasted it I told Patrice she should try it also, and she did.

There are whole berries in this Liqueur, so if you are lucky you will get a couple in your drink. After looking into it, there are three kinds that they make, Black Current, wild Blueberry, and Cranberry. We had the wild blueberry and it reminded me of the wild blueberries we picked in Alaska.

We heard a rumor that they will be distributing to other countries soon and I sure hope they do. We hope to pick some up before we leave.

Check out their site – good information, although, they need some work on navigation. We would be glad to help them out for a wee bit of liqueur.

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