Irish Liqueur – Boozeberries

Link: Boozeberries

When at Darwins in Dublin we had an after dinner drink. I ordered mine and as soon as I tasted it I told Patrice she should try it also, and she did.

There are whole berries in this Liqueur, so if you are lucky you will get a couple in your drink. After looking into it, there are three kinds that they make, Black Current, wild Blueberry, and Cranberry. We had the wild blueberry and it reminded me of the wild blueberries we picked in Alaska.

We heard a rumor that they will be distributing to other countries soon and I sure hope they do. We hope to pick some up before we leave.

Check out their site – good information, although, they need some work on navigation. We would be glad to help them out for a wee bit of liqueur.

Craig – the best tour guide in Scotland

Tours & Guides – Scotland

Craig McCall - Mini Tours Scotland


Craig – the best tour guide in Scotland be sure to check him out if you are planing a visit – check out Mini Tours in Scotland – Craig is beyond fabulous!!

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Planning a trip to Seattle?

things to see and do

Pike Place Market

some other great things to do

Snoqualmie – the falls 40 minutes from downtown the town is cute too

Issaquah – Gilman Village (15 min from downtown)

Kirkland – on the water and great for strolling, lunch, art – coffee (15 min from downtown)

if you like blown glass – then head to Tacoma to see the Museum of Glass – be sure to check out the hot shop and all so you can watch glass being blow (like in Murano, Italy) take a stroll across the bridge of glass and check out the court house too target=”_blank”
then head over to old Tacoma for a lunch on the water

how about some wine tasting …


Wineries and tasting rooms


Roses anyone?


We have been using this place for a couple years or so now and think they are wonderful. If you need or just want fresh Roses this is THE place to get them. They come directly to you straight from Ecuador. Honestly we have had these Roses last 2 – 3 weeks.

Unlike some of the other suppliers of fresh flowers, these are not shipped to a warehouse in Florida and then sorted and shipped later. These are cut, packaged and shipped directly to you via FedEx.

Try them – bet you will like them. We would be interested in hearing from you when you try them to hear your experience also.