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After spending too much time trying to track down information – we thought why not network and then build a resource website for us ‘expats’

Having some spare time I started to build an online resource for Ecuador
Let me know – thoughts and input are always welcome
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Easter Island

We were fortunate to spend a fabulous sunny day on this island. You know how some places you have heard about and your expectations build and then you hear more and more and you build such expectations that you don’t think anything could live up to it. Well after hearing about this place and reading about it with all the history I was ready to be let down by our visit.  I can tell you that you can believe all the hype! This is an amazing place and one that we will not soon forget.

They told us that sea swells can be problematic and not many ships can tender into the island. You see there is no dock on the island. So the only way to get ashore is by tendering in. Look in this next picture at the Tender boat coming back to the ship. Where we went ashore was just past that first row of rocks and just before the second row of rocks. One tender (boat) lost its front corner window and another one lost the front door. They had to stop bring people to shore for a while after we were ashore. Even some of the afternoon ship tours were not able to get ashore and had to be canceled. We counted ourselves lucky, for sure.


Once ashore we found our guide and headed off for a private tour of Easter Island. Along the way we heard about the history of the island and what it is like to live there. There are a total of around 8,000 people that live on Easter Island, according to the last census. The place has been growing as the previous census recorded 4,000 people.

It had rained for several days before our arrival and this day was a beautiful partly cloudy day. Everything was clear and bright. You will notice the bright fresh green in some of the pictures.

Yes for us the island lived up to all the hype. It is a very special place that we are very lucky to have spent some time on.

Donations in Peru

From our tour guide (Spring 2011) donation suggestions for spring 2012 as we are touring once again with Paul at Peru Inca Wonders.

We will ship a box with our luggage of things that are not going to come back (that way no storage on board).

Dear Patrice:

I have attached a file where you will find a possible list of some important things for the children. It is just an alternative list but please send what you think they could wear and use.

Thank you and your group of friends for your helpful because our children need a lot of help. You saw part of the poorest areas in Lima and it can give you an idea of the conditions how they live.

It´s nice to hear that there are more people who want to donate things.

Thanks a lot and god bless you


Amici Cannis Foundation

The Amici Cannis (Friends of the Dog) Foundation is pleased to announce the granting of full legal status, according to Ecuadorian and International Treaty Law ( Acuerdo No. 129-MIES- I/2011) of the equivalent of a 501c(3), non-profit corporation, complete with RUC/Tax I.D. number for tax-deductible donations.

After 1 ½ years of laying the legal, logistical and practical groundwork, The Foundation is now poised to begin preliminary operations. Getting born was a lengthy process because it was done correctly in all aspects and will prove worthwhile in the future to have constructed the foundation slowly-but- correctly.

Our ‘mission’ is to rescue, heal, rehabilitate and adopt-out as many as possible of the countless dogs on the streets of the city and canton of Cotacachi. In addition, we hope to ‘ raise the consciousness ’ of our local neighbors in this county regarding the treatment, propagation and maintenance of ‘ man’s best friend ’.

The Foundation’s first grant and financial asset has been an anonymous and very generous donation of approximately 10 acres of land, located 15 minutes from the heart of Cotacachi. There, The Foundation will construct a shelter consisting of kennels, dog runs, a medical / veterinary facility and a canine rehab training center.

The Foundation’s second gift is a substantial cash donation from the newly-appointed Ambassador from Ecuador to El Salvador, His Excellency Segundo Anrango, the brother of His Honor, Mayor Anrango, of Cotacachi.

While waiting for the legal status of the Foundation to be completed, Directors and friends of The Foundation have been preliminarily ( and at their own expense, combined with small donations) rescuing, treating, neutering and adopting-out approximately 20 dogs to-date.

The Foundation’s initial Board of Directors is comprised of the following members, listed in alphabetical order: Maria del Carmen Romero Anda; Pablo Arpi ( Secretary); Maria Jose Burbano ( Treasurer); Peggy and Lee Carper (Honorary Board Members); Michael d’Addio ( Founding President); Andres Jara Dominguez; Marco Antonio Proano; Rick Serafino (Honorary Board Member and Chief of Public Relations); Jennifer Phillips Rios.

Best wishes,
Michael d’Addio, President
Amici Cannis Foundation (Fundacion 062011)
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