Thailand – Kingdom of Dave

Kingdom of Dave

Kingdom of Dave

This is my Dad’s place. No not his house but one of the Bungalows he rents out. He has three of these and an Octagon that is a duplex, basically. Now don’t forget the other three places in the back that aren’t so plush. The one in the picture even has a kitchen too.

It is very nice and a pleasant place to stay in along with a nice country feeling. Right now we are watching the rice farmers harvest the rice. I can tell you I am glad I am not out there working it. You can tell the older rice farmers because they are permanently bent over from the long hours of planting and harvesting rice.

Dang those rice knives, or whatever they are called are sharp too. So don’t piss off someone harvesting rice. I watched a lady come out of the field and make a slight move on a banana leaf stalk and cut it like it was a straw, with no effort! So if you don’t know… A banana leaf is big and has a large stalk – ok you got it now good.

This is the real Thailand I think you can really get to know what this country is like here. We hope we can show some pictures of the village so you can see what that is like. It is different looking from the cities in America but…if you look closely, it is really the same.

You couldn’t ask for a better place in the country to use as a base to explore some of the treasures that are around here.

Thailand – Bangkok Waking up…

Bangkok morning

Bangkok morning

The sun is almost ready to rise the morning we leave Bangkok. We are heading up to Dads place today and should be at his place in Non Song early evening. It has been a great visit to Bangkok the past few days. But now we are headed to the country and way away from the big city. Things in Non Song are at a totally different pace compared to Bangkok. Sometimes it seems as if time stands still – seemingly forever! Don’t get me wrong, it is a great place to relax and enjoy what REAL Thailand is all about. Just don’t expect to be entertained or have a long list of things to do like you have in Bangkok. It is what it is in rural Thailand.

Hope we can convey what it is like while we are there.

Thailand – Welcome to Bangkok

Bangkok at night

Bangkok at night

We have gotten a bit behind in bloging about this trip. We had some issues with our laptop and it has taken me a few days to get it back together and working. Happily we are a rockin’ now though.

This was the view our first night in Bangkok at the Lebau Hotel. I think we are going to put a review up soon so watch for that. What a great hotel and so attentive too.

So we are here now and can continue on with our checking out Bangkok again. We have been to most of the usual places on previous trips so we think this time we will check out more local color and activities sense we played tourists previously.

hotel review is here

Hope you will enjoy the blogs.