Waipio Coast, Hawaii

Aloha from the Big Island

Waipio Coast, Hawaii

Waipio Coast, Hawaii

We took this picture today at Waipio. We had a chance to get out and drive a bit and took a short trip to check out the view in the picture. It was a great trip glad we took the time to check it out. Looking forward to checking out a couple more places in the next few days while we are here.

A big curve in the road…

After a few days in Vancouver, having a great time I might add, we came back to Seattle with a friend in tow. We were bumped off the ship leaving from Van, (long story as to why, so won’t go into it here), but we were booked on another ship going to Alaska from Seattle, with a rather large upgrade in the room I might add too. So, since we had a friend fly into Van to join us on the ship we had her come back to Seattle with us and then get on the ship with us there. In the process we have another friend join us too so now there are 4 people traveling together. A note about all this…I am the only male of the 4 on this cruise. So tomorrow morning we will start heading to the ship and get settled into our room. I hope to have some time to add some pictures from Vancouver before we leave.

While in Van, we toured Stanley park – do you know whey they call it Stanley park? If you do put in a comment and tell me, but don’t look it up first! That wouldn’t be playing fair. We also went up to Cypress Bowl, WHAT A VIEW FROM THERE! To be honest though, we spent most of our time gazing out of English Bay and from time to time, enjoying a few sips of wine and great conversations with friends.

Planning a trip to Seattle?

things to see and do

Pike Place Market


some other great things to do

Snoqualmie – the falls 40 minutes from downtown the town is cute too

Issaquah – Gilman Village (15 min from downtown)

Kirkland – on the water and great for strolling, lunch, art – coffee (15 min from downtown)

if you like blown glass – then head to Tacoma to see the Museum of Glass – be sure to check out the hot shop and all so you can watch glass being blow (like in Murano, Italy) take a stroll across the bridge of glass and check out the court house too
http://www.museumofglass.org/ target=”_blank”
then head over to old Tacoma for a lunch on the water

how about some wine tasting …


Wineries and tasting rooms


Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

I couldn’t resist this one. While taking a break from the start of the Hockey game I happened to catch this.

Notice the trendy coats on the dogs and – how can you miss those fashionable booties, (glad I had on my transition glasses).

But wait there is more…His hat is an actual Fox fur. It includes all four legs and that striking tail too! What doesn’t show is the cutest little fox face and fox smile too. I am sure it is a female fox.

Let me know if your interested in one – I have located the source. Just have $250 ready to pay for it.

Last Day in Anchorage…

There won’t be much posting today, as this is a transition day. Transitioning to what you are wondering with great anticipation…

Well… We are heading up to Willow today. You can think of it as preparing for the Iditarod next weekend. Yes it does take that much preparation – it is a big race you know.

The other item on the Agenda for today is the Gold Medal Hockey game between the USA and Canada. Patrice being Canadian just hast to have her Hockey fix. I don’t know why though, I can tell her who is going to win. Just trying to save her from major disapointment you know. Yeah, thats me a soft hearted guy.

As soon as we can dry her eyes then we will be heading up to Willow.

Stay tuned for the next action packed installment…