Fur Rondy – Day 2

We are just updating a few things before heading out today. And what an actioned packed day it is too. Just for a few highlights.

Pancake Breakfast
Frotbite Footrace & Costume Fun
Grand Parade
Fur Auction
World Championship Sled Dog Race – day 2 (well yeah!)
Outhouse races
Blanket Toss
AND….{insert drumroll here}

Beer Drinking Championships – some people practice year around for this event. It is very competetive up here.

So much to do and such little time. What are we doing writing – we gotta get on it.

First Day of Fur Rondy

This is the 75th year of the Fur Rondy, and today was the first day of the event.

We did a bit of walking around and watched the start of the first day of the World Championship Dogsled Races. I haven’t seen this in a very long time. The starting line is a couple blocks up the street from where it originally was, I don’t know why, it just is. The starting line used to be in front of the Old City Hall where my mother worked but now it is in the area that fell during the earthquake in ’64. It is amazing to see some of the same signs for businesses that I remember as a kid. Also the same as when I marched down the street as a member of the marching band. Ah the memories, but back to the point…

It used to be that the Fur Rondy closed with these races but now they open with them. Why you might ask. Ok since I mentioned it I will have to tell you I guess. The answer is fairly simple. The Ididarod starts the last day of Fur Rondy and that is the big fish now. See now you know, the rest of the story.

It was a great day to start the race as yesterday there was about 7″ of fresh snow. That made all the Mushers very happy. As a side note… did you know that the mushers never say “mush” to the dogs to go… Yup they don’t, and never have, urban legend – so now you know that too. See how educational this can be 🙂

Well I don’t want to rattle on like a lot of blogs do. I prefer to keep things short and to the point. To that end, we will finish todays entry.

Alaska’s 75th Fur Rendezvous

Is happening this year and we will be there so stay tuned. We plan on taking in the World Championship dog sled races (held 26-28) and we will also get to see the start of the Iditarod on the 6th.

Happenings and pics will be posted …