Great Wall Bejiing, China

China – Bejiing – I need a Hero, and he’s got to be fresh from the fight!

Yes those are some of the immortal words of Bonnie Taylor but was she really speaking about “The Great Wall of China”? Chairman Mao proclaimed that any person who wanted to be a real hero must climb the Great Wall. I can tell you that after climbing “The Great Wall”, I sure can relate to what Chairman Mao said, but back to the original point.

Now think of the words that Bonnie Taylor has in her song. Now let’s quote some of her immortal words and take a closer look at them. Let us look at these words,” I need a Hero, I’m holding out for a hero, ’til the end of the night. He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast. And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight”.
It is obvious that she needs a hero and he has to be strong and fast and also fresh from the fight. Hmmmm, now she is going to wait til the end of the night also. Now what could be the meaning of these words I ask you…Of course I ask rhetorically of course because I am going to tell you what they mean. I just wanted you to think about it it for a second. Ding times up.

The key is the context to think about these words. Now if you had heard what Chairman Mao said above and had in fact, like yours truly, [insert a smug look on my face here], had climbed The Great Wall, well everything would just fall into place. Let me save you some time now and succinctly state the meaning as clearly as I can, because it is only one that has been enlightened by the climb that can see it so clearly.

Bonnie was talking about waiting at “The Great Wall” for her guy to come back a hero from climbing the wall. He has to be strong and fast to be able to endure the challenge of climbing The Great Wall. Enduring that climb is what she is referring to as the fight. And, now this will toast your noodle, she is only going to wait until morning for him to do it.

She, Bonnie, must go for wussy guys or something because it didn’t take me all night to climb it and return – oh no not me. To give her and him, whoever he is, the benefit of a doubt, perhaps he didn’t start the climb until the late afternoon and underestimated what it actually takes and she was growing impatient waiting in the dark for him. We may never know exactly what her situation was that inspired her now immortal words.

But now you know the true story – believe it…or not.

Great Wall Bejiing, China

Great Wall Bejiing, China

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