My history with this company isn’t very good. This is the only delivery service that has asked me for directions to their next stop. They are also the only one that chewed me out of not having my address on the house. Then I pointed out that it is on the light pillar in the middle of the front yard. Then he told me that was to hard to see I needed it on the house. I said if you look around, most of the houses here have the address on a pillar in the front yard. Very strange, but that isn’t the point to my post. I can now say they have topped my previous experience with them.

We were leaving for a trip to Canada when we saw some charges we didn’t make appear on one of the Credit Cards. We called the Credit card people and they were going to send us a replacement card in Canada. We called the Hotel and made sure both of our names were on the registration, so there wouldn’t be a question about if we were there or not.

The day they were due to deliver the card I went to the front desk and told them what I was expecting and they made sure everyone knew. They even called the other Hotel of theirs in town in case they tried to deliver it there. Late in the day we still didn’t have the card and I kept checking with the front desk checking on it. We called the company to find out what was going on. DHL told them we were not registered at the hotel. Further they told us it would be delivered that evening. So we stayed in that night and nothing happened.

In the morning we called and all they knew was that the hotel said we were not there. I talked with the front desk and a manager wanting them to tell me why they said we were not there. They all said they didn’t and that everyone was aware of the delivery. There was no one from DHL that had been to either of the hotels it seems. So we had the company redirect the delivery to our home address here in Seattle. It didn’t show up at home.

We called the company again and they said that they would issue us yet another card and would send it regular mail. We received that card just fine but that isn’t the end of the story.

I called DHL and had them check for the package and they had no record. I called DHL Canada and they had no record of it. They looked at every package delivered to that zip-code in Canada – nothing showed. I called the company and said, are you sure you even sent us a package? They assured me they did but couldn’t give me the tracking number for security reasons. I didn’t get that, but that is ok.

After almost 3 weeks from the start of this there was a knock at the door and there was a DHL person with a package for me. You guessed it I am sure, it was the package that should have been delivered in Canada to us at the hotel. It had written on it that we were not registered at the hotel. Now that I had the tracking number I went online to see what this package had been through. I couldn’t believe the results.

There was an entry that showed it leaving for delivery in Canada. The next entry said “address information needed; contact DHL”. It said that same entry for 3 days in a row then it goes back to the Canadian DHL facility. The package sat in that facility for 8 days before it was delivered to me. And it shouldn’t have been delivered to me. They were told by the Company to return it to them 10 days before it was delivered to me.

That poor little package was in DHL’s hands for 17 days and, based on what I saw, they didn’t even try to deliver it to the hotel they just wrote on the package that we weren’t there.

I called the company one more time and told them what I had found out and recommended they get there money back from DHL and never use them again. I know I won’t use them EVER!

Remember even when I called DHL they couldn’t find any record of the package. It is no wonder that they had to pull out of USA and focus on International is it.

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