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They don’t seem to have a direct web site so the best I could do was put in one of the many places that mentions them. On to the point of the review…

We went to this restaurant to have dinner with a family we met in Dublin almost 2 years ago. Ironically enough, we met the family at a restaurant a bit south of Dublin. We have kept in contact with the family since meeting them and made arrangement to have dinner with them on this trip to Dublin.

We started off with some Dim Sum as starters. A note for those of you used to Dim Sum off the cart that they bring to the table, this is a Menu. The staff were very helpful in describing the dishes and helping us make selections. I think off of a menu is the way that Dim Sum was originally done too. Some enterprising came up with the idea of the cart and that helped us westerners start to try and like Dim Sum. But I digress…

Each of the six of us dinning together ordered a dish, I can tell you there was much sharing of what came to the table. I don’t remember all that we ordered but it was an array of Chinese dishes we are all familiar with. All were done excellently too I might add.

The staff was exceptionally attentive to our table. It was, like all the other places we had dinner in Dublin, a wonderful evening. We have this one, along with the other two we reviewed, on our list to visit next time we are in Dublin.

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