Getting Ready for Spring in October – Bulb Lasagna

I love the spring and I love bulbs – so now is the time to plant them.

Gardening expert Marianne Binetti shows the best ways to store and plant bulbs to ensure a beautiful spring bloom. She also shows how warm weather areas can “fool ” their bulbs into winter for great spring flowers.
* Note: Chill your bulbs throughout the winter.
Bulb Lasagna
In cold climates follow these steps to make bulb lasagna:

  1. Start with a layer of soil in a deep pot and plant a layer of tulip bulbs, which bloom last.
  2. Add more soil and a layer of daffodil bulbs that bloom in mid-spring.
  3. Add more soil and a layer of early blooming crocuses.
  4. Top it off with some winter pansies that are already in bloom. They will survive in a milder winter climate.
  5. Leave the pot outside to take advantage of the winter’s chill.
  6. If planted in this way, you’ll enjoy three months of blooms from layers of bulbs.

* Note: In a warmer climate, where the outdoors are not able to provide your bulbs with the proper chill, simply store them in your refrigerator in a clearly marked brown paper bag for six weeks. Afterward, layer them in a pot–bulb lasagna style.

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