Hobart, Australia

We are so very blessed with fabulous friends (lucky us) Pat & Noel flew in from Melbourne and toured us around. Noel was born here and it was so wonderful to see them again. It was a perfect day, sunny skies – Apple Museum, Wine tasting in the valley, fresh apples (just picked), a high climb up to Mt Wellington – the pics as you can see look almost like they were taken from a plane. We ended the day in Richmond with a lovely lunch, some fresh cherries & apples to bring back on board to share with the staff, a little more shopping, view of a quaint harbor and then back on board. It was way too short of day with them.

Note to self we could drink our way around New Zealand and Australia – fabulous wines, amazing views, great friends and family all over down under – make plans to come back soon!!


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  1. Well to be with Wallaby Jim, wife & friends was absolutely amazing mate!
    The group cleaned out the local Richmond store of vanilla paste, fruit cake & hot sauce…this Tassie town will never be the same. I believe we saw a semi arriving later with fresh supplies!
    Great day, great friends.

  2. Sounds like you saw a lot in a short time. Love your note to self – there is such a variety of food & wine to enjoy. Just been having a glass or two ourselves – Cheers!

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