Howard Johnson Wichita Airport

Thank you for your kind consideration – Howard Johnson Wichita Airport – Saul you are a terrible person. We wish you much bad karma!!!

Nice way to treat a single mom of three kids who needs to work on Monday not to mention that there is a considerable drive just to get home
… you are such a ‘swell’ guy

Hope your daughter/sister/mother never is faced with this kind of situation

We are also trying to find the driver/owner of the other car?

More pictures (taken last night when Jo arrived, includes a cinder block on the passenger side of the car – assume it was holding the satellite dish). Saul apparently reported this to his insurance just yesterday July 5 – the incident occurred on June 26 – nice he jumped right on it.

This is a post from facebook from our daughter Johanna. They parked their car there while they were visiting here in Ecuador. Saul has been anything but helpful and quite rude to be honest and will not call me at all?

For those of you that do not know, because I have been hoping against hope that someone would do the right thing. That will not be the case in this situation. We left home on the 25th of June and spent the night at Howard Johnson on Kellogg St in Wichita, KS. Instead of parking in long term parking the hotel offers free parking with a night stay. This is how my car sat 4 days after a wind storm knocked a satellite off of the hotel roof bouncing off one car onto my car. The owner Saul who also owns another hotel in Wichita never called to tell me about this. We found out while in Wichita when we book a room for the return trip. Long story short I finally talked to Saul today he told me “not to call him with this SHIT” he would not tell me the solution to the issue. Since I return tonight and live 2 1/2 hours away. Talked to his insurance agency and he did not turn it in until TODAY. The wind storm was on 6/26/ my opinion NO ONE should give this man any business.

Phone: (316) 943-8165
Fax: (316) 945-8018

Western Holiday Motel
8925 W. Kellogg
Wichita, KS 67209
Phone: (316) 722-4241
Jo car - July 2013

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  1. We will never stay at either motel. I believe that rude, nasty people should not be rewarded by staying at their motels. He has insurance so what is his problem?

  2. Why am I not surprised. It seems like bad customer service is the norm these days. I suggest spreading the word via other online venues such as Trip Advisor. People should be warned.

  3. Some people just aren’t cut out for the “hospitality industry” *shaking head* Shame on you, Saul. As the owner, if you are unable to treat people with kindness, then please hire someone who does.

  4. Sad!! Its a shame Saul that you are such a little man with no respect or any people skills. I hope that this is posted globally and you lose your franchise. With this attitude you have presented, you do not deserve a franchise of any sort!!!! What comes around goes around. Might want to be cautious out there now!

  5. I do want to thank all of you for your support and help in spreading the word. When I went last night to get a few things out of the car; which by the way is parked outside the office window. No one came out, looked out the window or questioned me. The pictures do not do it justice but, wow, hopefully you can get the idea.

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