Irish Liqueur – Boozeberries

Link: Boozeberries

When at Darwins in Dublin we had an after dinner drink. I ordered mine and as soon as I tasted it I told Patrice she should try it also, and she did.

There are whole berries in this Liqueur, so if you are lucky you will get a couple in your drink. After looking into it, there are three kinds that they make, Black Current, wild Blueberry, and Cranberry. We had the wild blueberry and it reminded me of the wild blueberries we picked in Alaska.

We heard a rumor that they will be distributing to other countries soon and I sure hope they do. We hope to pick some up before we leave.

Check out their site – good information, although, they need some work on navigation. We would be glad to help them out for a wee bit of liqueur.

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