Palma de Mallorca Spain – A great Tapas Class and place to visit

Six of us got off the ship Mallorca and headed for the dock where Sergio picked us up and took us to the Yacht Club Cala d’Or. After the pleasant drive we arrived to find everything all setup and waiting for us. What a beautiful place this Yacht Club is. You can check out their Web Site at After introductions we were showed the menu of what we were going to make in class. Following is a the Menu with pictures of the finished dishes that were made:

One, of many, very nice things about the class was the discussions we had about the ingredients. Many times we have taken cooking classes and they used things that were not local to us or very hard to find. This was very different as we talked about substitutions and the characteristics that made them different, as you can imagine that sure makes it easier to reproduce the dishes at home.

I think these pictures speak for themselves as far as how much fun we had in class.

All in all it was a fabulous day and cooking class as well. Great people, good food, fun and entertainment – what more could you ask for? I know what we are going to be doing the next time we are in this area.

If you are curious about the recipes, I put them all up in the “Cook with Dave” part of the site.

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