HAL Rotterdam Private Tour Israel – 3 days 2 nights 10-29-11 through 10-31-11

Cruise Critic Roll Call – 27 days Athens to Ft Lauderdale

Sailing on HAL Rotterdam in October? We have a private tour organized.

Current cost is $990 for three days per couple – cost will go down based on our group (currently we are three couples)

hotels/entrance fees/meals/tips are in addition but should be reasonable

we have a private driver, van and guide for the entire three days and will be staying in town (off the ship) for two nights.

About our guide:

Adrian Wolf
two university degrees in addition to the official tour guide license (two year academic course).
served in the IDF (army) for six years, rank major and another 20 years of 40 days active reserve duty.
Lecture to various organizations and groups Member of the Israel Military History Association Have an intimate knowledge of the infra-structure and workings of the country.
Wrote a book A Chronology of Israel which is the standard English text-book used by tour guide students the tour guide who takes tour-guide students on a professional tour to show what/what not to do and say both a licensed guide’ and lecturer

the tour (as of now) – we are seeing quite a bit more than what HAL Is offering and of course being smaller group we are flex in what we do:

Day 1 29 October
Meet on the quay at Haifa port. Drive to view the Bahai’i Gardens in Haifa from the top and bottom of the Carmel mountain. We drive passed Megiddo where according to Christian theology the final battle will take place (Revelations 16:16). In Nazareth visit the Church of the Annunciation constructed over the site where the Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mother she will give birth to the Messiah (Christos).
Drive passed Cana where the First Miracle took place (turning water into wine).

At the Sea of Galilee we visit the home of Simon/Peter, Church of the Multiplication, Church of the Primacy (where Jesus walked on the water), and Mt. of Beatitudes (where Jesus preached to the masses). Optional Baptism in the Jordan River.

Head along the Jordan Valley to visit one of the prime sites in Israel, Beit She’an, a magnificent Roman city. Learn of its importance in history, the bathhouse, cardo, theater and amphitheater where gladiator fights actually took place- the cages and tunnels have been exposed.

Drive along the Jordan Valley and learn about Israeli agriculture in the desert.

Jerusalem overnight.

Day 2 30 October
Jerusalem in detail
Get brief background to the history of the passed 4000 years. Learn about the basis of all three monotheistic religions.
Enter the Old City. Visit the Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian quarters. This will include the Western Wall, via Dolorosa and Church of the Holy Sepulchre, homes of Jews before the destruction of the Temple in AD70. See remnants of the original Byzantine Church (4th century) and the gate of Jerusalem, where Jesus exited before arriving at Golgotha.
Options. Explore the tunnels in the City of David. Mt. Zion churches.

Drive around the city to see the various suburbs and learn about the political, economic and social problems.


A private tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum.

Evening – walk downtown Jerusalem, see the Walls of the Old City.

Day 3 31 October
Drive to the Dead Sea, visit Masada and learn of the Jewish War against the Romans. Swim at the Dead Sea. Time permitting we can drive to Tel Aviv and then to the port at Ashdod.

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