why Blog?

We love to travel! It’s a passion and an adventure. Our family is all over the country:

  • son Don, wife Lindsay and two grandsons in California
  • daughter Jo, and three grandchildren in Kansas
  • daughter Wende and four grandchildren in Alaska
  • Patrice’s two sons (Darren & Dylan) are in Alberta & granddaughter (Payden)
  • Brothers and sisters, lets see one in California, two in British Columbia
  • Parents in Canada and in Thailand … extended family and friends are everywhere, so this just made sense!

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anything New?

When we travel we use the Internet A LOT! Sometimes it can be very frustrating to find a place quickly and even if you ask someone they don't always... Read more

From the doorway of the breakfast room looking out at the kitchen to the doors to the outdoor kitchen.

Its the last day of month 9 - here is how the house looks! [gallery... Read more

A view from the front door. They have the outdoor bread/pizza oven just a rocking. Down the hall to the master you can see the Salt brick wall, but a more closer look at that later.

Happy Birthday sis - love you!! This post covers only 8 days of work from 5.14 - 5.23 - they are moving fast for sure. Still we are told a June... Read more

As soon as you walk in the front door...This is what you will see. Those pieces of clay you see next to the center circle are more of the pieces of pottery that was found on our lot. Sure makes for an interesting star

new items appear it seems almost every day - so blessed [gallery... Read more

Master tiled floor is finished, not sealed as yet but it is all grouted.

some finishing has started in the Master Bathroom - so pretty! [gallery... Read more