why Blog?

We love to travel! It’s a passion and an adventure. Our family is all over the country:

  • son Don, wife Lindsay and two grandsons in California
  • daughter Jo, and three grandchildren in Kansas
  • daughter Wende and four grandchildren in Alaska
  • Patrice’s two sons (Darren & Dylan) are in Alberta & granddaughter (Payden)
  • Brothers and sisters, lets see one in California, two in British Columbia
  • Parents in Canada and in Thailand … extended family and friends are everywhere, so this just made sense!

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what’s Here?

anything New?

When we travel we use the Internet A LOT! Sometimes it can be very frustrating to find a place quickly and even if you ask someone they don't always... Read more

a different angle

so we debated about a wall - trying to find one that we could afford to build - solution [gallery... Read more

from the pathway

[gallery... Read more


Infrastructure - Conduit Equipment here all day (over 8 hours) but the conduit backbone is in place [gallery... Read more