why Blog?

We love to travel! It’s a passion and an adventure. Our family is all over the country:

  • son Don, wife Lindsay and two grandsons in California
  • daughter Jo, and three grandchildren in Kansas
  • daughter Wende and four grandchildren in Alaska
  • Patrice’s two sons (Darren & Dylan) are in Alberta & granddaughter (Payden)
  • Brothers and sisters, lets see one in California, two in British Columbia
  • Parents in Canada and in Thailand … extended family and friends are everywhere, so this just made sense!

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what’s Here?

anything New?

When we travel we use the Internet A LOT! Sometimes it can be very frustrating to find a place quickly and even if you ask someone they don't always... Read more

it's fabulous isn't it? and so close to the original

So we left our pub table and chairs in Seattle when we sold. I was very sad as Dad has spent some serious time helping me to get the seats to be... Read more