The Reef – Great Barrier Reef that is

Family, Sea Bobs, helicopters with Mac & Ace – just a fabulous day

Its Nearly Done

The yard – so much progress!! We are both loving how it looks

Yard – progress 5.7.2015

Yard – progress

Packing 101 ….

So what can you do to pack lighter? Its always a question - how can I take less but have enough? We have an upcoming adventure 140 days, 57 on a ship the rest on the ground. 

We always seem have too much luggage and we bring things home that we never put on! So I am working hard on how to pack smarter and lighter!  This way we can travel easier by train and on flights in country (all have weight restrictions).  Ok I accept the challenge, here we go!

  • Step 1 - we need a carry on that will accommodate a laptop and double as luggage for maybe 10 days. Started to do research on backpacks (no we are not planning to travel with ONLY a backpack) but if it can do multiple things - awesome.  I started to do research and there is what we opted to start with.  eBags Motherlode TLS Weekender Convertible
  • Step 2 - more cubes and envelopes (its how we pack)

  • Step 3 - what about more than 5 days - bought a portable washing machine - Scrubba

  • Step 4 - sleep sacks (never had one before BUT what can be wrong with sleeping in silk?)

     Stay tuned for more updates  (in other words part 2)

Websites – its what we do

some recently completed sites:

WordPress (easy to update without knowing how to) 🙂 – we have a number of these on the go right now – stay tuned!

of course this one and Cook with Dave

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