the digs in Chiang Mai

the last supper with friends before we disembark

Chef Sebastiano created an off the menu dinner for us tonight – what a great way to end the cruise! We were in the Italian restaurant and we mentioned we hadn’t seen him and he came out and then cooked us all the food you see – we were a table of 6 – we need a nap now. He is the Chef you see us with in the cooking classes and is a great guy and a fabulous chef. I (Dave) might have even learned a thing or two – I know hard to believe

Great Ocean Road

Take the time to see this – amazing!!

Koalas – in the wild

5 glorious nights in Bali – the Villa

Packing 101 ….

So what can you do to pack lighter? Its always a question - how can I take less but have enough? We have an upcoming adventure 140 days, 57 on a ship the rest on the ground. 

We always seem have too much luggage and we bring things home that we never put on! So I am working hard on how to pack smarter and lighter!  This way we can travel easier by train and on flights in country (all have weight restrictions).  Ok I accept the challenge, here we go!

  • Step 1 - we need a carry on that will accommodate a laptop and double as luggage for maybe 10 days. Started to do research on backpacks (no we are not planning to travel with ONLY a backpack) but if it can do multiple things - awesome.  I started to do research and there is what we opted to start with.  eBags Motherlode TLS Weekender Convertible
  • Step 2 - more cubes and envelopes (its how we pack)

  • Step 3 - what about more than 5 days - bought a portable washing machine - Scrubba

  • Step 4 - sleep sacks (never had one before BUT what can be wrong with sleeping in silk?)

     Stay tuned for more updates  (in other words part 2)