In Memory of Vickie ~ always loved for ever missed

taken too soon from us – Danny

– We launched this lantern tonight thinking of Vickie. It was something that Patrice really wanted to do. The people we are traveling with, you can see Chris in the picture, you met there in Cotacachi. The lanterns are made of rice paper and, as you can see, fired by a real fire, to lift them off. Peace.

Our friend Gloria with a couple of the vessels

Loy Krathong – 2015

the digs in Chiang Mai


Postcards from Thailand

Floating Market

Thailand – Floating Market Food

Floating Market

Floating Market

One of the places we visited was a floating market that we seemed to be about the only white people at. It was way cool. Look at this picture closely.

Just off the picture to the right were many rows of people waiting for food and eating food that was / is prepared by these boats. What I wanted to show here was the boats and what is being cooked and how.

If you look closely you will see at the bottom of the picture a lady grilling whole scallops in the shell midway up you will see a lady grilling whole squid or calamari. Another detail to take note of is, under the sign you see what looks like a plate or pan with a long, very long, rod attached to it. Do you know what it is for? Tic tic, time is up… They place the ordered food into the pan and use the stick to give it to the people that ordered it. They in turn put money in the plate for the person that cooked the food. The young lady you see sitting down facing the boats helps in that process also.

If you haven’t noticed already…on the boats are tanks of propane used to cook with or, they have charcoal for the grills to cook the food on. Think they could do it that way in the states? I don’t think so, but it is so very common here. We like it.

Kingdom of Dave

Thailand – Kingdom of Dave

Kingdom of Dave

Kingdom of Dave

This is my Dad’s place. No not his house but one of the Bungalows he rents out. He has three of these and an Octagon that is a duplex, basically. Now don’t forget the other three places in the back that aren’t so plush. The one in the picture even has a kitchen too.

It is very nice and a pleasant place to stay in along with a nice country feeling. Right now we are watching the rice farmers harvest the rice. I can tell you I am glad I am not out there working it. You can tell the older rice farmers because they are permanently bent over from the long hours of planting and harvesting rice.

Dang those rice knives, or whatever they are called are sharp too. So don’t piss off someone harvesting rice. I watched a lady come out of the field and make a slight move on a banana leaf stalk and cut it like it was a straw, with no effort! So if you don’t know… A banana leaf is big and has a large stalk – ok you got it now good.

This is the real Thailand I think you can really get to know what this country is like here. We hope we can show some pictures of the village so you can see what that is like. It is different looking from the cities in America but…if you look closely, it is really the same.

You couldn’t ask for a better place in the country to use as a base to explore some of the treasures that are around here.