Beautiful Tierra Firme lot for sale in Cotacachi, Ecuador

We have 1 lot left for sale (ours, the one we had planned to build on), if you know anyone who is interested. You can email us for more details or to view.

Tierra Firma is located about a mile outside Cotacachi on the road to the Pan Americana Highway. It is tucked away off the road and entered by way of a winding driveway, through rolling green pastures and past a tranquil pond with stone water fall feature. The views from all of the lots are simply stunning. Tierra Firme has 23 lots in total and is considered the premier development in the Cotacachi/Otavalo area.

You enter this development through a winding road with many trees, walking paths, green spaces, beautiful views of the dormant volcanoes and the Andes Mountains. Tierra Firme is located in a gated community and offers privacy, security and beauty.

Lot #17 price $46,000

All utilities are underground.
Homes must be built with a Spanish motif
Average cost to build is $550 to $570 per square meter Architect service is available with most builders
Example: A 1,600 square foot home at $570 per square meter would cost $85,000 plus the lot.

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    • There are 3 finished homes, three nearly complete and I believe 5 are ready to start. 23 lots total. Cotacachi is quick cab ride (about 1.5 miles), Otavalo is a 10 minute bus ride. The lots all have under ground services (in place already). Very close to everything. The vistas (views) make this development special!

    • Hi George
      Lot #7 is $44,000
      We are of course open to offers depending on how long to close etc Happy to call you to discuss if that would make things easier With best regards Dave & Patrice

    • We can’t personally but can introduce you to our architect and or adobe builders here in Cotacachi
      Expect about a year (could be sooner) for that process
      the lots all have fabulous views
      let us know if you need more info/details – our US number works here

  1. Ah, good for you, I assume you steayd overnight in Otavalo to see this one bright and early. For me, I took the bus from Quito, so when I got there, the animal market was already over. But yes, overnighting on a market town definitely has its perks. I saw the same thing in Chichicastenango in Guatemala, where I saw how the town transforms itself overnight just to host a twice-a-week affair such as a market. And yes, people sell animals there too, from little pigs, to turkeys, which will be bound and tied and put on the top of a communal taxi to be transported and slaughtered somewhere else.

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