Athalon 22″ 15-Pocket Duffel

As you know, we do tend to travel a lot and because we do, packing and luggage takes on a new meaning when you are going to travel for an extended time. The carry-on bags we have been using for a number of years is the subject of this post so we can pass on our thoughts and experiences. This is a picture of our bag;


Notice the outside pockets, they are on both sides and the straps on the top to cinch things down tight. It has a ton of pockets, well ok just 15, but that really works for us as a carry-on, and let me tell you why. It makes everything have a specific place and readily available. Imagine, if you will, waiting for a plane in the Airport and every outlet is taken by passengers charging all the electronic devices, and you set down with them and open an outside zip pocket and pull this little device out;

Yes has room for several to plug into. Now you have a bargaining chip to be able to charge your electronics. Another example could be you notice your battery is about to run out on your phone and you need to grab your spare charging battery to give it more power, just open the outside pocket and get it.

It doesn’t show in the above picture but there is a zipped pocket by the handle and you could use it for any number of things. What I use it for is zip ties, as that is what we use on all our luggage. We used to use TSA approved locks but TSA would constantly lose them, but that is a topic for another story. What we do is just before the luggage is tagged at the Airport I zip tie them from that pocket on our carry-on. Since we started using zip ties we no longer have lost locks and actually, TSA doesn’t seem to want to get into our bags as often. On a side note about TSA approved locks…TSA is the only ones that can open them, so if you are outside the USA, if they want to look in your bags, expect them to cut the locks off or call you to come open them for them, and that isn’t too much fun as they usually do it right when you board. Back to the bag…

This is the bag open so you can see the inside;


Some of the things you can see inside are, from top to bottom, a plastic quart bag for the airport that comes out; straps to hold things in place on the bottom, say a change of clothes; a mesh envelope; and 4 pockets on the inside of the top. Notice too that the bag opens completely up.

All in all for a wheeled carry-on bag this is great and we have gotten a ton of use out of it. Want your own?

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