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Clio1 31215

They call this the “Invisible Speaker”, and although it is not totally invisible, it is very unobtrusive for sure. Besides that, it has great sound! I have one of these and among the many uses I use it for, we use it for a sound bar on our living room TV. I thought we had great sound from the TV until we added this. It is amazing how much better it is and, it is in front of the TV, not centered mind you but you don’t even notice it while watching TV.

This is a Bluetooth speaker so you can pair your devices with it, and it also has audio jack so you can do things like connect a non-Bluetooth device to it also. The controls are on the side as shown in the following picture;

Clio2 31215

It might be hard to see in the picture, but on the left are the volume up and down buttons and on the right top is the mute and below it is the Bluetooth button.

We got one of these as soon as they came out and it has been the most versatile speaker we have. I have mentioned how we have used it as a sound bar before in this post. We have used it in various rooms and even outside on the patio. Although you can crank it pretty loud with no real noticeable distortion, we tend to use it as background sound when it isn’t connected to the TV.

Pros –  Size and quality of sound. Also the fact that you really don’t notice it unless you look for it.

Cons – Wish it had  a remote so that we could control the variations in sound between shows and the like without getting up and adjusting it.

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