Rim Rock Cafe – Whistler


We happened to have a gentleman sitting in between Patrice and I on a flight back to Seattle and he worked at this restaurant. He told us that after we had mentioned we were going to be in Whistler. He highly recommended the place so we made note of it. We did in fact eat dinner there and we have to say it was one of the best dinners we have had anywhere in the world. I am not kidding and I do literally mean anywhere in the world that we have eaten. We have enjoyed great food everywhere we have traveled but this was special. Let me tell you what we had.

Seafood Antipasto for one – chef’s sampler of smoked and marinated seafood
What a marvelous collection of tastes this dish has.

Beef Carpaccio – sliced beef tenderloin, pickled cipollini onion,shaved parmesan, capers and mustard
I must say I make this dish myself and this was even better than my version. We really enjoyed the pickled cipollini onion.

Main Course:
Venison – porcini mushroom crusted, truffle butter, spatzle and porcini cream
This was amazing. I don’t know what more I can say than look at what was served with a beautiful piece of Venison.

The service was perfect, as was the wine selection I might add. We ate more than I mentioned but I am getting hungry writing this and it is a very long drive to go there for dinner 🙂

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