ANOVA Sous Vide

ANOVA Sous Vide

We have received many questions regarding this device. So, we want to answer a few of them briefly.

What is it?

Its official name is Anova Precision Cooker, and we think one of the best around. The general category is Sous Vide that is for the water bath cooking process. Sous Vide devices have been around for a long time but they were very expensive and restaurants were the only ones that had them. But now the prices have gotten to the consumer level.

You are cooking meat, veggies or most anything at a precise temperature in a water bath. For example, a medium rare steak is about 133 f – so that is what you set the temp at on the cooker. You will get a perfect medium rare steak from edge to edge.

This one, the one we have, will connect to Wi-Fi and there is a Phone app that will control it as well. Where we live, it is very hard to find good beef and we have made tough cuts very tender and juicy. Steaks, chops have been amazing as well. Think of butter poached asparagus cooked to perfection – oh so good.

You can check it out in detail at this link


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