Instant Pot - Marinara Sauce

Instant Pot – Marinara Sauce

Where we live we are lucky to have fresh off the vine Tomatoes that are readily available year-round and priced very reasonable. So, with the combination of those tomatoes and the Instant Pot, you can have fresh Marinara Sauce in about 30 mins, start to finish. First, a little background about this sauce…

The name of the sauce is Italian for Sailors – Marinai, so why would it be named for sailors? Well I am glad you asked, let me tell you…The ingredients for the Sauce traveled well and didn’t spoil easy like meat and fish did. It could be assembled quickly and easily in about the same time it took pasta to cook. This made it an inexpensive and filling meal for men at sea. Marinara Sauce was probably originated around Naples, and could not have been invented before the 16th century when tomatoes arrived in Europe from the New World. Now back to the recipe…

We have found we can use this recipe as a basis for most any other tomato sauce by thickening it, or adding ingredients. It is nice to have a batch or two in the freezer.


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