Cabbage and Sausage

Cabbage and Sausage

Cabbage 5515This dish is so easy to make, zero carbs, (if your looking for that), and can help you use up some miscellaneous veggies you might have to use up. But, since Cabbage is in the title, that one is a must. You can use any sausage that you like, I would recommend a seasoned sausage as the sausage is what will add most of the flavor. There is an additional step to this recipe that I would highly recommend if you have the time.

That step is to grill with a bit of smoke the veggies and sausage. The reason is it will give everything some smokey flavor and the charring adds to the flavor as well. Just slice everything in half, with onions keep the bottom root attached as that will hold the halves together. Carrots, depending on size half or quarter. Get the grill all warmed up and hot, and add the wood for smoke and put the veggies on. For the sausages, you want them whole for this part so they don’t try to escape and commit suicide through the grate. Tomatoes, onions, and sausages will take the most time. But remember, you aren’t cooking them, just charring and smoking them so the grill can be pretty hot and the whole process is about 10 to maybe 15 minutes. After this step just make the recipe and enjoy.

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