Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Crusted, Mediterranean Caramelized Onion Pizza

Why are you giving this post such a funny look? Never heard of Cauliflower on a Pizza? Well just wait until you try it, you will be all smiles am sure. But first I have to tell you the story of this Pizza, no wait, I will let you peek at the finished product first. We really do like this Pizza crust. The crust doesn’t taste like the usual white dough that holds the toppings and doesn’t have any flavor. This crust has flavor, a nutty, cheesy type flavor that will go well with about any toppings you try.

The key to this Pizza is the Crust as it is made from Cauliflower. That’s right I said Cauliflower. So if you think about it… The crust is great for people that eat gluten free, or vegetarians too. We will go through how to make this step by step and you can top it however you would like, after all it is your pizza isn’t it. The crust recipe is a combination of recipes we found and then we baked ours a bit different from anything we found. We think the baking and preparation of the crust is the key to the Pizza.

As a side note, the Nutritional Yeast is what really makes this dish. We are new to using it but the nutty, cheesy flavor of it helps add to the crust. Besides Nutritional Yeast is VERY good for you, look it up. We used Bob’s Red Mill

Nutritional Yeast Substitutes – Sometimes this product can be hard to find, but never fear, there are some substitutes. Brewers Yeast – a byproduct of making beer and doesn’t have all the flavor of Nutritional Yeast. Parmesan Cheese – not as nutritious and more fat content. Wheat Germ – works well in baked goods. Another is Yeast Extract you could use. Just think of your application when using one of these as a substitute. If you come up with another good ideas to use…pass them on to me.


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